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Category: Funny Dating Stories

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Hello there, I am currently in the same sort of poiiostn with my current girlfriend and the reason for my problem is that I can't seem to let my freedom to be gone so quickly, I'm not suggesting that this is your reason but I'm just trying to relate, anyhow, as with a lot of youngsters feelings of love can be flactuations of the heart making us seem in love and the excitment can wear off, this is what I feel my case can be and may be your problem too, in the case of wetheryou stay together or not I feel that you may be staying with this girl out of guilt forhurting her, which is reasonable but you need to searh your feelings as to whether this is the case and what steps to take from then on, be it staying with her or breaking up with her, but I know myself that a break up after a long term relationship like yours is a difficult situation on both sides, I hope you found this information useful.-Luke


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Apr 28, 7088 01:44 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Barbie

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What ever happened to just going on a two day bedenr and moving on? Yeah, sometimes there's something to be learned, but sometimes there's not. Whether there is or isn't depends on the facts of the case. That much was said in the interview, minus the bedenr part. That was my contribution.But isn't the issue here that either fixating on unimportant details or ignoring important ones comes down to judgment, and that's why these folks are in therapy in the first place? They get flustered, don't rationally analyze what's going on, and don't make sound decisions? Feelings and emotions are what you make of them, I guess, but at some point isn't it important to put them to the side and focus on the facts and not necessarily how a person feels about them?


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Apr 28, 7112 01:44 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Paula

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A few years ago, I dated this total loser for a few months before finally seeing reason and dumping him. Yesterday, I was having coffee with a friend of mine when she starts talking about her new ex. What's worse? When he stopped by to see her he pretended he didn't know who I was! That is until I started telling my friend stories about my ex and he suddenly "realized" I was. I didn't think it was possible for him to be a bigger loser than he was back then, but I have to ask, "I dated that?"


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Feb 3, 2012 03:30 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Anonymous

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Blind Date Horror:
We met at the movie theater for a scary 3d movie. From the beginning that I walked in the theater he was freaked out that other movie would be sold out. I meant like every 30 seconds “What are we going to do?” kind of deal, which every time I was telling him that we could pick another movie or we go to the later one. I didn’t care. (Oh by this time I noticed he had some kind of funky odor)
So we got to the ticket area and yep it was sold out and he opts for the later showing leading him to worrying what we are going to do for 2 hours. Well the only close thing to the movie at 10:00 pm is Macado’s (a restaurant/bar) so I drive over there and we go in and he was like what are we going to do here?? I just got confused and said “talk, hang out, drinks, dessert?” He seem bored by this idea so I was asked “what else would you want to do?” He suggested we could just drive around and talk It was below zero and snowing so I asked what was wrong with the indoors. He said “Nothing but I’m not hungry and it’s 2 hours”. He ordered something anyways and complained about the quality of the food after it was brought to us.
So we started talking and some of the conversation was okay but others were right down immature and left me speechless. For example, the boy isn’t the greatest at hinting that he hasn’t had sex in awhile and needing some but he wasn’t one to make the first move. He also would ask me if people were mean to me a lot because of my handicap. And that he told the entire crew that he works with that he was hitting on a girl with Cerebral Palsy. He also seemed to repeat these statements A LOT. So we ate and drove back over the movies. Waited there for 30 minutes while he explained to me how they check out women out at work with some kind of secret language between them.
We watched the movie and I was grateful that he was true to his word about not making to first move because we could not get farther apart if we tried.
After the movie I offer to drive him across the parking lot to his car since it was so cold. And he gets in my car with the loudest fart possible and giggles (Yes, I mean giggles). I was totally speechless at this. So he starts his car and says that we can talk while our cars warm up. So he gets back in my car and starts saying things such as “Well I hope this work out... blah blah” and I am total silence hoping he will get the hint but no….
He texted all the next day with:
• “U want to do something?”
• “there already seems to be a lack of interest thing going on is this how it should be between us”
• I tell him I want to be friends and his reply is “like a no string attached thing?”
• “U r boring damn. You are too old for me you have no drive. I must be one bored fucker to be trying to get to know a nonsexual older woman with CP.” (FYI, I was only 3 years older)
After that I turn my phone off completely after writing well quit texting me and get over the fact that I have CP.
And this morning when I turn the phone back on he reply was “your cp is the only thing apparently interesting because it’s funny and cool.”


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Feb 3, 2012 12:33 AM - Funny Dating Stories - by kissing WV frogs.

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My ex decided to send me "sexy pictures" because i had asked for a photo. I was expected a cute photo of himself smiling. just something cute i could put up as my phone background. He sent me a picture of himself in only his boxers. This wouldn't be so bad if he hadnt been taking a picture of himself in front the mirror and sticking his ass out in the air. I don't thin he understood that i was the girl, and he was suppose to be the guy wanting ass shots, because lord knows, i didn't want any from him. I dated that?


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Jan 20, 2012 04:02 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Found_Better

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I’ve had 3 girlfriends and have been dumped by each one of them on Facebook. The only good news is at least the last one did it via private message and didn’t just write it on my wall like the first two did! If I couldn't laugh about it I'd probably be crying. I Dated That?


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Jan 8, 2012 11:44 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Jamie

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And Then I Met The Public head Toucher

And what is a public head toucher you may be wondering? Now I understand that your initial thought would be that it’s an individual that makes a point to touch you skull, like beneath hair, no light tapping, in public. But reason would lead you to believe that no one would do that because there is no way that could ever be a real choice that one makes. That’s what I thought too until my skull was grabbed in a very public location several different times after I made it quite clear that (again, shit,)I do not like to be touched. I would be easier for me to just get a HANDS OFF sign that is comprised of neon yellow letters that I can wear as some sort of a hat, which will not only protect my skull which was currently under assault, but should P feel a need to hit second base again with the back of my adorable virginal, left hand, he would have to think better of it. Surely you cant mix a message if it is in neon lights staring at you. I take it back. It is best to adhere to the, one can never be too sure policy when dealing with a hand raper and/or head toucher.

I just want to point out that neither the back of my left hand or my skull were ever targets of clearly misguided sexual energy that was a result of one’s way too inflated ego. No way freak show 1 or freak show 2 were up to my standards, and this was pre- hand/skull incidents. If those things didn’t happen to me I would cry LIAR but they did. The fact that this happened not even 4 days apart is the 8thn world wonder. But seriously, have they really run out of regular ways to annoy us that they are now just completing random acts of doucheyness (kindness is a better option fellas) that make no sense but are done because my tool of the evening wanted to up the shock factor? Well let me put this myth to bed. I am the shock factor, thus un-shockable. And just to be sure the myth is tucked in, I have one a final point. Insane, preposterous behavior from anyone doesn’t shock me. Strong influence on those two living examples of mental disease and defect. If the next delusional thinker who is playing make believe date with me touches my knee, I am packing it in, getting a cat, and some Haagen Das.


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Dec 28, 2011 09:31 AM - Funny Dating Stories - by becausedatingsucks,com

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When me and my ex first started dating, I made him promise me 2 things; not to drink or smoke (because we're under-age) and if he wanted to end it, be a man and say it to my face. A year and a half later, he breaks up with me over text... I dated that ?


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Apr 28, 139 01:22 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Greenvelvet

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My ex broke up with me after 16months with no problems because my good friend started flirting with her which made her "rethink" our relationship. Then within two weeks of breaking up they started dating...which would've been a problem except that I hooked up with my friend's lifelong crush before finding out about them!


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Aug 24, 2011 02:33 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by Rj

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I don't know if this is really funny, but this was the closest category. I dated this one guy, a little older than me, and things were going great! He was sweet and would always stand up for me. Things went bad one day before our 2 month anniversary, when it was Field Day. (I was in 6th grade.) He thought he was best at EVERYTHING and wouldn't let anybody else participate in the competitions. It got to musical chairs (yes, musical chairs, baby game) and it was our teams turn. He was walking in front of me and we got to a corner chair, they stopped the music, I sat in the chair and he fell out. I laughed. What else was I supposed to do? He then got mad at me the rest of the day, to only send one of his friends break up with me for him later that same day at lunch for pushing him out of a chair in a kiddie game. My cousin had died 2 days earlier and he decided to send his friend to break up with me while I was crying because somebody mentioned her death to me with no sympathy. I had my first kiss with that loser. Wow. I think I'm the stupid one in this situation. I dated that?


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Apr 28, 6493 01:08 PM - Funny Dating Stories - by _birdyboo

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