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Okay, so I dated a guy for 7 months, only for him to leave me for an 11 yr old.
I'm 15 & so is he. Cradle robber, right?
He was really sweet, charming, so good looking it was unreal, & played football.
He even had the most adorable dimples & curly brown hair.
While I on the other hand, am an average girl. Brown hair, brown eyes, short, and not athletic.

Anyway, the first few months were great. Then in December, we stopped talking as much.
But in February, things just picked up again. Like nothing ever happened.
Everything was going better than the first time! I actually felt like I was falling for him and he acted the same.
Then, the girl (by that time I had heard rumors he wanted her) started talking to MY best friends. Telling them how, they tell each other they "Love" each other every day. And that, he's dating her behind my back & she's dating him behind HER boyfriend's back.
I kept telling him about it, trying to be honest even though I usually NEVER tell anyone my problems, & he promised he'd put an end to it once & for all. I even ASKED him if he would rather be with her, if he liked her, he told me "No. I love you. Always & Forever." And me, being stupid, believed him.

And like he promised, things got good again & she just disappeared.
Then, it started again a month later and we decided we needed a break but he assured me once he got everything together, he'd date me again.
Well, 3 days later, they're going out & he gives her his sweatshirt. The SAME sweatshirt he promised to give me not even a week before!
He acts all lovey dovey with her when he acted embarrassed to do any of those things with me.
I felt completely betrayed, duped, and a fool for believing & falling for him!

We don't talk anymore, & I want nothing to do with him. So, I think I moved on.
Then I see him yesterday, the first time since the break-up, & suddenly, I feel the same spark I felt the first day I met him.
We looked at each other & he smiled at me. I panicked and rushed to the front of the group with my best friends trying to resist the urge to talk to him. Trying to run from the inevitable.
He even admitted to my best friend later that day he still likes me & wants to date me again someday.

I dated that?!


In future, stay single! (3) - Id Date That! (2)

May 23, 2011 09:34 PM - Bad Break Ups - by Meda

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