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My ex did so many things to me I can't even believe I stayed with him. Where do I even begin?! He is 21 years old, (19 when we met and started dating) has never gotton even his permit, or graduated from high school/gotton his GED OR had a job. Did I mention he's homeless because his family is so sick of his crap? He never ever showers or changes his clothes, I literally had to force him to do it every time. Appearently, when I met him and first started dating him he already had a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLFRIEND I didn't know about, who he cheated on me with numerous times throughout the year and 7 months we dated, along with at least a dozen other girls. (That I KNOW of!) Since he was homeless I moved out of my Mom's house and got my own apartment so he could live with me. Biggest mistake of my life. He was almost never home, didn't pay rent (obviously, with what money?) and wouldn't even do a simple chore like washing the dishes or doing the laundry while I was at work all day... and appearently cheated on me the whole time. He was mentally abusive , wouldnt let me do anything without him, talk to anyone. he made me feel like he was all I had. He constantly accused me of cheated and would call me a whore, slut, etc. He Punched a hole in the bathroom door. He used to flip out on me for no reason and pin me down on the bed and scream in my face. Break things. One time he called the police and told them I was trying to kill myself, so I was taken into a mental hospital by force for a night until they figured out there was nothing wrong with me in the morning.All this AND he was a pathological liar. When I met him he told me he was in the army and thats why I started dating him, because I didn't know who he really was.. He was NEVER in the army! He told me he had two children with his ex girlfriend, he used to play it up so bad, crying because he "missed his kids" when he never had kids! He would always pretend to "get a job" and would "go to work" and just never have a paycheck. Insteatd of spending time with me he played WOW on my computer, staying up all night and sleeping until like 6pm! Okay Soo I finally grew some balls and left him, just to have him completely stalk me! We broke up 6 months ago and he still doesnt get the hint! I blocked him on facebook, so he used other peoples facebooks to look at and comment onmy profile. He imed my phone constantly, called me, usedmutual friend's phones to text me, tried to show up at my work. and he STILL texts me! I'm considering changing my number and getting a restraining order. He. is. crazy! He doesn't understand the meaning of "I never want to hear from you again! Do not contact me!" I'm honestly afraid of him, I'm scared hes going to track me down in pperson and do something..
You couldn't make this stuff up! It felt good to let it out...
Oh my god, what a scumbag, what was I thinking?! I must be crazy... I Dated that???


In future, stay single! (10) - Id Date That! (0)

Feb 21, 2011 12:23 AM - Psycho Exes - by Done

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plz be careful. sounds like i know him. lol. guys like that r despewrate. u were his meal ticket and he wont give up easy. my ex was like that and he tried to kill me. be vigilant in ur pressing charges and callin about peace orders. eventually the cops will ge tired of u calling and arrest him. oh be careful he doesnt try to say ur harrassing him.warn ur family and friends and DONT TAKE HIM BACK!!!

#57 - Mar 1, 2011 03:14 AM by hezzy
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