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I've been seeing a lot of talk about how people think that their relationship was "the worst ever" and that "no one has it beat" well let me tell you a story for someone who is unable to tell her story.. A relationship started off by guilt led to a bad marriage. My aunt was one of the greatest most selfless people I've ever known, and her husband knowing this took her for advantage at every chance he got. Looking at his stuff he had all these cool toys and new clothes simply because she sacrificed all that she earned to get him these things that brought him so much joy. She on the other hand didn't have much, even her socks were all full of holes. One day she woke up and realized she had enough of this life with him, and she couldn't take it anymore.. being the wonderful woman she is she still agreed to let him stay with her and her mother while their divorce was being processed because he had no where else to go. She started staying upstairs but would go down to the basement in the morning to get her clothes for work. One morning while getting ready for work she went down into the basement to get her clothes and there he was standing there waiting for her with a knife... He decided that if he couldn't have her, no body else could. He slit her throat and stabbed her 28 times. Her screams for help woke my grandmother but the damage was already done and in that basement she lost her life.. why? because she was a nice person and was too kind hearted to put a bad man out on the streets because of her unhappiness.. It wasn't until after her death that we saw the truth.. That he was worse than what we thought and that she was terrified. We even found letters she had written to herself stating that she was terrified that he was going to kill her and she was afraid for her life.. but she was too afraid to bring that to light, and it wasn't brought to light until it was too late... She was only 32 years old when her life tragically ended September 13, 2000. For all of you that think that you've had it bad just remember.. no matter how bad it was, and no matter what you went through you were lucky, because you were able to escape. Unlike my aunt, you are able to look back and say "I dated that?"


In future, stay single! (17) - Id Date That! (1)

Jul 22, 2011 08:00 PM - Relationship Advice - by Kinket

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that breaks my heart, seriously im in tears. im so sorry for your loss and that she went through that. i, too, have been in a relationship like that and am lucky to be alive. i was with a man for years that i loved more than anything in the world, i met him in highschool and after 3 months of what seemed to be a happy, healthy, loving, faithful relationship, he hit me.. and then it got worse and worse. hes beat me with a curtain rod, damaged the muscles in my leg to where i cant walk "normal" hes put a gun to my head, hes blacked out holding me up on the wall by my throat, hes peppersprayed me, hes beat the shit outta me several times and threaten to kill me all the time, it got to a point where even if i wanted to leave, i felt like i couldnt. one time, my brother saw me poorly hidden bruises, freaked out and made me stay with him, called a deputy and tried a restraining order, he violated it and the cops didnt do shit. i was terrified, i ended up at a homeless shelter cus i had no one and nothing becus he had cut me off from everyone and i was not even allowed to speak to my family, he slept with my 14 year old sister and is now in prison for what he did with her and to me.

#197 - May 23, 7557 01:22 PM by ghettohippiegirl88
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